Alireza Ghorbani was born in February 4th 1972 in Tehran. He started his vocal lessons when he was 12, and he was a solo vocalist of National Orchestra when he was 27. Alireza Ghorbani also became at thirty years a foreground singer of the Persian song. His very ramified repertory constitutes the radif and the tasnif, whose vocal rarest techniques are very well controlled from him. He occurs in small formation, with four musicians, as with the national Orchestra of Iran.

Alireza Ghorbani is a great artist deeply rooted in the tradition but also of an insatiable curiosity and a large open-mindedness with respect to the other cultures.

The handsomely chiseled features of Ali Reza Ghorbani have become part of the new generation of Iranian singers of classical Persian music. Born in the midst of the turbulence of 1970s and 80s Iran, Ghorbani has laid claims to being a worthy successor of the man regarded as the undisputed master of Persian classical song, Mohammed Reza Shajarian.

He has released 19 albums in Iran and Europe until now. Also he participated in several international projects, some multi-cultural (Iran, France, India, Mali) projects in Europe like: Le Rhythm De La Parole, SOUFFLES DU MONDE (released in Europe) and some other projects such as cooperation with Dorsaf Hamdani Tunisian singer, concert with the Dusseldorf Symphony Orchestra, Concert with Kamel Orchestra Vienna, performance at the Cologne Philharmonic, and concert with the Vancouver Opera Orchestra.

Ghorbani has had a great deal of cooperation with cinema and television artists, and has sang some of the famous pieces in Iran’s serials. The most important of these are the “Sheb-e Dahom”,” “Madar-e Sefr Darajeh”, “Kimia” and “Aghigh”.

He is invited to several numbers of international music festivals every year and is recognized as the most active traditional singer outside of Iran. He has performed at major venues such as Cadogan Hall and Barbican in London, the Philharmonic Hall of Cologne, the Vienna Concert house, the Theater du Louvles and the Alhambra in Paris, the Tonhalle in Duesseldorf and the Opera House in Vancouver. Theatre De La Ville in Paris, Rose Hall in Los Angeles, Gulbenkian Hall in Lisbon, Odeon Concert Hall in Vienna, Bozar concert Hall in Brussel, Womex 2017 in Poland, Uppsala Concert Hall in Sweden and etc.

French radio on the occasion of the release of one of his works in France in relation to him said: “He is one of the greatest Iranian singers and has amazing skills.”

DW wrote on the occasion of one of his European tours: “he has been able to become a renowned singer of the Iranian National Orchestra, led by Farhad Fakhredini, with his delightful voice and a place in the classical Iranian arena.”

Songlines wrote about him: “Trained to recite the Qur’an as he was being brought up, Alireza Ghorbani developed his vocal abilities at a young age, going on to master the numerous scales of Middle Eastern music. For a few years now he has been releasing some of the most innovative recordings of Persian music, while always fully respecting the authentic traditions.”

Iran’s media also introduce Ghorbani as one of the most important singers in Iran. The Shargh newspaper recently wrote about him:

“Alireza Ghorbani is a moral, professional and humble singer who, along with all of these traits, is persevering with exemplary work. He has collaborated with all leading composers and has song and published works. The eternal learning spirit has allowed him to step up with any calm and confidence pacing in the way of Iranian music.

Flexibility, on the other hand, has led to different experiences. From improvisation to singing a track that most people have listen. All this, along with orchestral activities, international activities and releasing of the album, made him a person called Alireza Ghorbani, the singer of Iranian folk music.”

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